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So a lot of our more questionable decisions of late have started with us just chatting about a subject more and more over a short amount of time until it happens. That was definitely the case with Aruba. The last week of March Tom got laid off, which would normally suck except for two things. One, he was planning on quitting to look for full time work as an EMT anyway, and two, he got a severance check that was very generous.

Anyway, there we were on April 1st with a larger amount of money than expected and no work for Tom until the middle of the month. I had a super flexible schedule at the time because I was substituting and working with Jamey.  We kindof brought it up that whole last week and finally on Sunday morning, April 2nd, I was like, “Okay, we’re going or we’re not. What’s the plan?” And within a few hours we had flights set up for Tuesday.

The flights were super affordable, we were in that weird range between college spring breaks and school vacations for the kids.  We found it was about $700 more to fly direct so we got a connection in Charlotte.  The craziest part of our air travels? On our flights to AND from Aruba there were two medical emergencies. And BOTH of them were sitting next to me. Luckily both women ended up making it fine to our final destinations, but definitely noteworthy because they were next to me.

We ended up staying at The Tropicana Resort which was right across from Eagle Beach. It’s home to a Dunkin Donuts, Baskin Robbins, and a pizza place. Our room was not one of the renovated ones and we were still very happy with it. We had a bedroom, bathroom, living room, and full kitchen. The hotel itself had a couple pools, a tempting happy hour, and tons of lizards. (If you ever go to Aruba you can feed these guys the fruit out of your drinks!) This little guy was Tom’s favorite because of his bright colors!

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 3.08.30 PM.png

Our last minute plans didn’t make it easy to book excursions and tours, but we did shell out the cash cow for one snorkeling journey. We went on the Palm Pleasure, which was a catamaran that took us to the SS Antilla (a sunken ship) and a coral reef.  They also provided lunch and an open bar. It was a perfect afternoon and all the guys working on the ship were super friendly.

We ate dinner every night except for one at a restaurant down the beach called Matthew’s. This is a picture from our table on night one. We did NOT make reservations. It was delicious and on Tuesday’s they had bottomless ribs and fries. (not my thing but could be yours.)
Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 3.09.18 PM

I know a lot of people go to Palm Beach but we really enjoyed Eagle. It wasn’t empty, but it wasn’t packed with college kids. It was very low key and you could walk for (what felt like) miles. Overall Aruba was a 10/10 last minute trip and I would absolutely recommend it if you ever get laid off!

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Happiness today, tomorrow, the day after too?

So this weekend I downloaded the app Productive in an attempt to organize my life. I love it and would highly recommend. I got the upgrade so I can organize every habit from healthy eating to reading more. As I searched the world wide web for habits to add to my tracker, I saw this post on Pinterest.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 10.49.08 AM

Happiness for 365 days?! Sign me up! I feel like I’m in “a mood” 2/7 of the week so maybe this will be the change I need! Anyways, the activities for the days ranged from the simple but brilliant “wear sweatpants” to the more ambitious “ride a horse.” I committed immediately, copying down each item into Microsoft Word. Pop Sugar (the company that pinned this) had them listed in a specific order, but obviously some events require a little more time and planning than others.

Anyways, feel free to join me, the link to view the list is here and Day 1 is today!

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Katie Codes?!?

So for the past two weeks I’ve been going crazy with free time, both of my jobs get out around 4 and I’m always looking for something to do after work. At first I was just obsessing with video games and Netflix binge watching…. I recommend Once Upon A Time as well as all of Shonda’s shows. For games I lived on bbtan. Anyway, needed to find something productive to do and I found it on Reddit..

Coding.Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 8.00.22 PM

I know, I’m a human services major who can barely understand what “the cloud” is and I’m talking about coding.  But I started today using Codecademy and I LOVED it. Everything was explained so well, it was SO interactive, and it even included little quizzes.


Try It Here!!

And wish me luck!!
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The BEEginning Of Our Blog

Hey everyone!

So today we both had off of work and we were itching to do something with the beeswax we’ve accumulated so far. We were going to do candles but wimped out; we didn’t want to start too big. We ended up grabbing our Betterbee Lip Balm Kit, which you can order here .

We got twenty-five chapstick containers, 3.5 oz almond oil, a test tube rack, 1.25oz beeswax pastilles, three pipettes, and three oils- vanilla, strawberry, and mint. It also came with some packaging materials.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 6.02.52 PM
Picture of our kit.
  • First we put the chapstick containers in the test tube holder. If I were to do this again I would only use four rows so I could have one for each flavor and one for flavorless.
Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 6.17.52 PM
The three oils included. Bavarian cream is their fancy way of saying vanilla.
  • Next we combined ALL of the almond oil with ALL of the beeswax. We used a microwave safe container and microwaved it twenty seconds, stirred it, and repeated about three times. You’ll know when it’s ready. The pictures below show it before and after being microwaved.
Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 6.02.29 PM
Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 6.02.44 PM
  • After that we used the pipettes and filled each container with the wax. Do the flavorless first so you don’t have to use the same pipette for two different flavors.   We had difficulty with the flavors because to mix them we had both less wax and a colder bowl. It’s approximately a third of a pipette of flavor for a third of the wax overall.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 6.18.03 PM

Towards the end the wax was very hard and we had to make a few trips to the microwave.  (Don’t panic because you can remicrowave it) The wax will probably start getting stuck in the pipettes- just push it out and they’ll work well enough!



  • We found they started to look fine very quickly and so we started putting the covers on them and packaging them.  The kit gives a Natural Beeswax Lip Balm cover, as well as shrink wrap to package them!

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 6.37.13 PM

Overall this was a really simple and cute project! They supplied the beeswax so anyone can make this regardless of if they have their own hive. I could see my ten-year-old cousins LOVING this (and trying to sell the extras at school!) Stay tuned because next week we’re going to up the stakes and use some wax from our own hive!