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Happiness today, tomorrow, the day after too?

So this weekend I downloaded the app Productive in an attempt to organize my life. I love it and would highly recommend. I got the upgrade so I can organize every habit from healthy eating to reading more. As I searched the world wide web for habits to add to my tracker, I saw this post on Pinterest.

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Happiness for 365 days?! Sign me up! I feel like I’m in “a mood” 2/7 of the week so maybe this will be the change I need! Anyways, the activities for the days ranged from the simple but brilliant “wear sweatpants” to the more ambitious “ride a horse.” I committed immediately, copying down each item into Microsoft Word. Pop Sugar (the company that pinned this) had them listed in a specific order, but obviously some events require a little more time and planning than others.

Anyways, feel free to join me, the link to view the list is here and Day 1 is today!

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Katie Codes?!?

So for the past two weeks I’ve been going crazy with free time, both of my jobs get out around 4 and I’m always looking for something to do after work. At first I was just obsessing with video games and Netflix binge watching…. I recommend Once Upon A Time as well as all of Shonda’s shows. For games I lived on bbtan. Anyway, needed to find something productive to do and I found it on Reddit..

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I know, I’m a human services major who can barely understand what “the cloud” is and I’m talking about coding.  But I started today using Codecademy and I LOVED it. Everything was explained so well, it was SO interactive, and it even included little quizzes.


Try It Here!!

And wish me luck!!
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